We are currently working hard to create an amazing development team because we want to work on a line up of management tools.

Our goal is to create an all in one solution to manage your websites. We aim to include a huge range of features primarily VPS deployments, website management, error tracking and analytics.

make it?

We have decided its time to create a tool for startups and novice developers which is simplistic and has a low price. Setting up a VPS can be scary for beginners or be setup insecurely, by us creating this platform we hope to make it easier to learn.

Frequently Asked

How much will it cost?

We are not currently sure about a price, however we aim for it to be under $20/month maximum.

Will there be a free plan?

We aim to have a very simple plan which will be free.

How will it work?

When you add a server to the platform, we will create a new web server and configure it all for you. Once setup you will be able to then add a website via the platform, we aim to support static, php, nodejs,, rust